Cecilia, learning support teacher

Estudié la carrera de Pedagogía en la Universidad Panamericana, misma institución que me dió la oportunidad  de trabajar en el departamento de inclusión durante mis prácticas profesionales. Hoy soy Learning Support Teacher en The Churchill School y estoy disfrutando mucho  mi trabajo en una escuela IB que realmente tiene en su naturaleza el celebrar las diferencias.

Katrina, Preschool teacher  

I am currently completing two years working at The Churchill School and this adds to my (almost) 9 years of living and working in Mexico, with a few breaks! My experience at The Churchill School is very positive, the school is a supportive and friendly community and there is always someone willing to help you. The students and children are respectful and bring with them lots of enthusiasm to learn and curiosity about your English language background, the younger children still ask, almost incredulously, "are you from England?" The teaching days are split between specialist, Spanish and English classes, this could be seen as a challenge as you need to tailor your lessons and use your contact time efficiently, on the other hand, the children enjoy the variety and it teaches them to be flexible. You also have time to complete administrative tasks and to organise your resources on a daily basis which means you have time and the opportunity to pursue other activities after school, such as teaching clubs, or taking a fitness class, playing a team sport or maybe just for a nap! The shorter day also helps as you start early when the mornings are cool and finish when it is full heat. 

There are plenty of social opportunities at the Churchill School and College and there are get togethers and events every couple of months, so you see your colleagues and relax, we also have monthly training sessions where you collaborate with colleagues across the school and since everyone is so friendly there are always people organising nights out, trip etc you will never be bored! On the other hand CDMX is a huge city with so much to do, so if you feel like getting away from it all, in just an hour you can be somewhere completely different. Climbing hills, relaxing in a spa, wine tasting, cheese tasting, climbing pyramids or browsing shops in a pueblo magico (magic village). CDMX is made up of lots of smaller neighbourhoods and I'm sure you will find your favourite, very close to the Churchill School are some of the most colonial, San Angel, Coyoacan, Tlalpan etc. Where you will find colourful and lively markets and plenty of places to stop for a beer or coffee, as well as enjoy walking in the plazas. CDMX is a lively and vibrant place to live, with plenty of taxis, ubers and public transport to help you get around or if you're really brave you could buy a second hand car!! Life is busy but there is always time for a fiesta and a smile, people are friendly and helpful and really proud to share their customs with you, yes there are loads of people but the city is huge so you get used to seeing so many people crammed into buses and metros! You can live relatively well in CDMX, eating at restaurants and going out in addition to weekend and holiday trips, there is so much to see and you will need a while..however, .I can highly recommend coming to live and work in Mexico :)